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SMD Manufacturer and sole supply of 32.768KHz SMD quartz crystal units.

LINE TECH have been supplying high reliable 32.768KHz SMD quartz crystal units to the top customers over the world since 2003.
Our crystals, 32.768KHz could commit the most applications about time, clock rate. We believe that small size quartz crystal especial Surface Mount devices SMD types and of 32.768KHz are also the future development direction.

We have developed this web site to allow you to get to know our products and let you can find the appropriate 32.768KHz SMD quartz crystal for your need to the information available to you 24 hours a day.
We will continue to UPDATE product STOCKS availability of SMD 32.768KHz quartz crystal, as well as refreshing the SMD products outgoing and company information to this site on a weekly basis so if you don't find what you're looking for please check back often.

Our goal is committed to supplying high-quality, hot-selling SMD 32.768KHz Crystals to customers for their urgent need. Especially recently, we have successfully struggled several customers to get the hot SMD 32.768KHZ Crystal goods within a short time, solving their problem of finding goods, and further avoiding the problem of stoppages in production of electricity meter, electronic product.

The most 32.768KHz SMD quartz crystals listed on the PRODUCT page, we are ready to ship within days.

If there are any technical problem & query of selection, please don’t hesitate to leave us message.

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