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32.768KHz is a very meaningful number, we use it every day, it brings us too many benefits. It's just that too few people in life pay attention to it, only paying attention to the number of evolution it brings us. 32.768KHz is easier to divide in order to generate a clock frequency of 1 second, because 32768 is equal to 2x1  . The clocks displayed on the watches, mobile phones, and computers that we use every day evolved from it. It's amazing !


32.768KHZ is a standard frequency. The application of crystal frequency mainly includes the following parameters: size, load capacitance, frequency deviation, and application range. According to the size and shape, it is mainly divided into plug-in and patch; plug-in mainly has ,  F12 3.2x1.5mm, etc., and there are many types of patch. There are many models available according to the design of each company, such as : Our F12, F21, F16, F10.... etc. The scope of application is wide. It also brings the importance of time to human. There are also direct plug-in our F12, F21, F16, F10 of the nominal frequency is 32.768KHz, widely used in electric meters, water meters, gas meters, heat meters, gas meters, industrial control instruments, etc.


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