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Why This Crystal is Shortage ?


Quartz Crystal

32.768 KHz

for Clock and Time applications

Hard to find this hot item?
Critical shortage in supply

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LINE TECH have been sole supplying of 32.768KHz SMD quartz crystal units with high reliable units to the top customers over the world since 2003.

We will continue to UPDATE product STOCKS availability of SMD 32.768KHz quartz crystal, as well as refreshing the SMD products outgoing and company information to this site on a weekly basis so if you don't find what you're looking for please check back often.


32.768KHz is a very meaningful number, we use it every day, it brings us too many benefits. It's just that too few people in life pay attention to it, only paying attention to the number of evolution it brings us. The clocks displayed on the watches, mobile phones, and computers that we use every day evolved from it. It's amazing !

The oscillating signal generated by the 32.768KHz clock crystal oscillator is divided by the frequency divider in the quartz clock 15 times to obtain a 1Hz second signal, that is, the second hand moves every second, and the frequency divider in the quartz clock can only divide the frequency by 15 times. The crystal oscillator of other frequency is not a 1Hz second signal after 15 times of frequency division, and the clock is inaccurate. 32.768KHz = 32768Hz=2x1  ,  data transfer is more efficient and accuracy.


The 32.768KHz crystal made of quartz first started its massive development in United States and it shapes like fork, so we also called “Tuning Fork”, and it formed wide usage as a global trend . People use the unique physical characteristics of the tuning fork crystal to process it into a standard clock crystal. As a result, it has been applied to various electronic industries; with the improvement of people's technical level, the precision and performance of crystal oscillators are getting higher and higher, and the size is getting smaller and smaller. There are many IC integrated circuit developers and companies have put this small tuning fork crystal in the greater precision and accuracy. End products are widely designation of Mobile phone, PC, Internet, Electric meters, Vehicles, industrial control instruments, etc.


Our crystals, 32.768KHz commits the most applications about time, clock rate. We believe that small size quartz crystal especial Surface Mount devices SMD population, samaller 32.768KHz are also the future development direction.


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